What You Should Know about Loyalty Programs in Casinos

A loyalty program is a way for an online gambling venue to retain its existing business. Now, everyone knows about the various welcome bonuses that these venues provide to new players, but what about those who have been around for a while? Simply put, if a casino did not offer something special to its existing patrons, no one would stick around for long. These schemes exist to keep players happy so finding one and making the most of it is very important to any gambler's career.

The Vegas Palms loyalty program is a great example since it allows players to earn points for each and every game they play for the lifetimes of their accounts. As a Vegas Palms VIP, the most points can be earned by playing the slots or the other unique games offered by the casino. For every credit that is spent, one point is earned. Next come titles like craps and baccarat which can earn one point for every five credits that are spent. Sic bo poker and roulette provide one point for every 10 credits spent, blackjack variants (other than classic blackjack) and video poker (with the exception of All Aces) earns a point for every 20 credits spent, and All Aces video poker and classic blackjack earns one point for every 100 credits due to the high player odds.

There are also four tiers of the Vegas Palms loyalty program through which players can progress, and each tier provides additional benefits above and beyond the next. They are ranked as Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Players who make it to the Platinum or Diamond tiers can earn huge bonus credits simply for playing on their birthdays, and everyone who makes it to at least Gold will get an increase in the number of points they can earn as they play.

There are some terms and conditions associated with these offers that must be considered, too. For example, it is necessary to accumulate at least 5,000 points in order to redeem them for cash, and they will expire after 60 days if they are not redeemed. Everyone is required to make at least one deposit in order to be enrolled in the program, but they will also receive a bonus 2,500 points at the time the first deposit is made. If you visit Tammy's guide, players will discover a casino that offer more levels and gives you 500 free comp points just for registering.