Choosing the Most Popular Microgaming Scratch Cards

Microgaming scratch cards come in a variety of themes and betting ranges to suit everyone's personal style. The idea is to appeal to individuals who enjoy the lottery tickets they can purchase in convenience, grocery and department stores all over Canada. While the physical tickets require you to remove the metallic panel with a coin or another object, the internet-based versions work with just a click of the mouse. They're mess-free and convenient, and that's probably why they are so popular.

Each one of the scratch cards comes in a 3:2 grid comprised of six or more squares. The idea is to use your mouse to reveal prizes located behind each panel until you match three to win. These prizes may be shown to you as monetary amounts or symbols that correspond to monetary amounts. This provider makes their offerings available in different prices, so each ticket will cost you $2, $5 or $10 and each increasing increment also provides you with increased winning potential. Most of the time, you will reveal multipliers behind the panels to let you know how much you've won. If you spend $2 on a ticket and reveal three 10x multipliers, for instance, you will win $20. However if you spend $10 and get the same 10x multiplier, you will win a more substantial $100. The highest multiplier that you can reveal is 50x.

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